JCSS has 34 years of experience in the onsite wastewater industry. Unlike many of our competitors we also have extensive experience in grading and site preparation. We have a thorough understanding of water movement and landscape position, and how both can be critical to a properly functioning septic system. We use our unique experience when designing any plan for installation or repair.

The installation process begins with a permit application to the Environmental Health office in the county in which the site is located. Depending on the county, Environmental Health officials will usually ask for a level 3 soil survey or a percolation test done by a state-certified soil surveyor or professional engineer. Once they review this data and our design plan, a permit is issued and we may begin work.

The next step in the process is installation and construction of the system. While the construction of the system requires a lot of excavation, we always pay attention to our surroundings and we will not unnecessarily destroy landscaping and trees that can be protected. We try to be as neat and surgical as possible when working on your property. We use the highest quality materials on all of our installations such as Infiltrator Chamber Systems and Goulds Pumps. Why Infiltrator? We have been using Infiltrator brand for over 20 years. The construction of their products is superior to their competitors and they stand behind the products they make. We appreciate the innovation, engineering, and high standard of construction that goes into their tanks and chamber systems.

The final step of the installation process is inspection and cover. When we finish the construction of the system, we call the local Environmental Health office for an inspection. Once the inspector approves our work we cover the system and re-level your yard. Before leaving we will answer any questions you may have and give you a copy of the approved inspection report from the county that issued it.

We take a lot of pride in our installations. A properly functioning septic system does not endanger the environment and effectively treats wastewater on site rather than sending it to the already overloaded, local sewer plant.
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